5 Animals – Climbers

Mountains are a very difficult place to live; there, especially closer to the peaks, strong winds constantly blow; the air is thin and its temperature can be very low; it is not surprising that animals living in the mountains have great endurance and a number of other outstanding qualities that allow them to adapt to such harsh living conditions; perhaps you have already experienced see photographs that depict horned animals in a wonderful image, standing almost on vertical rocks.

these representatives of the fauna with thick fur and luxurious horns mountain goats mouth from the order of ruminant artiodactyls of the bovid family, these animals have many varieties, mountain goats live on the rocky highlands of Europe in the mountains of North Africa middle and southern Asia preferring steep slopes gorge rocky inaccessible places at an altitude of one and a half to five and a half kilometers Above sea level in the mountains on high slopes goats find food and escape from predators the lifestyle of these amazing animals constantly and very fast movement mountain goats are the best climbers in the world mountains for them.

their native element, therefore, in search of food, they extremely deftly storm the highest ledges, easily jump over cliffs and several meters wide manage to stand on Almost vertical surfaces, showing amazing courage, the mountain goat owes such agility to the structure of its hooves; they are narrow and hard, capable of moving wide apart soft sensitive pads are attached to it, the surface of which is constantly renewed and does not become rough as soon as the goat climber lowers his foot to the surface.

the pad partially covers the stone on which the animal stepped, creating additional grip, the goat seems to stick to the rock, the horny substance of their hooves is very strong and also grows quickly, therefore the hooves are never rubbed off on sharp stones; the special structure of the legs allows these animals to make large jumps even on the steepest slopes; an exceptional sense of balance plays an equally important role; he understands that he will not be able to hold on, he immediately pushes off and jumps further to another ledge and so on until he stands confidently clinging to any insignificant ledge or depression.

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