The Top 10 Dog Breeds Around the World

The Top 10 Dog Breeds Around the World



The Top 10 Dog Breeds Around the World
The Top 10 Dog Breeds Around the World



All good dog breeds have a great interest in the specific. In the following top 10 dog breeds list, we take a look at all types of puppies, from small to large. We select favorites based on their attitude and ease of training, as well as their cuddly and cute elements. But just to be clear, we love all breeds, grab your belt now.


10-  Saint Bernard


Named Cujo, although excellently seen in the Cujo (horror film), which is based on Stephen King's novel Saint Bernard, it is a large creature with a friendly disposition whose true character is perhaps better portrayed in the friendly family jerk. Beethoven, named after the greatest.

Cujo has roots dating back to 980 AD and though he didn't carry barrels of brandy with him. It was actually made for rescue work and life in the Alps. He had all but disappeared due to harsh winters in the early 1800s. But he was happily crossed with the Newfoundland dog to restore and maintain his numbers overnight.


9- English Cocker Spaniel


He has somehow been a fixture in the arts for nearly half a century, first prized as a quality hunting dog in both wet and dry conditions. The Cocker Spaniel was created to hunt game birds, especially one game bird called the Woodcock. Their name comes from the cocker spaniel. The English Cocker Spaniel is a very playful and lovable personality that now endeared him as a hailed member of many families. We think Prince George is definitely sweet in his picture. But one of our favorite things has to be family cocker spaniel Lupo as a good friend to the kids as he drives Woodcock's cocker spaniels out. He has an intelligent character, which means that he can also be used regularly as a tracking dog at Cuban airports. So overall, the Cocker Spaniel can make a good pet if purchased from a reputable breeder.


8- Siberian Husky


This dog was originally bred in Russia as one of the most powerful working dog breeds. This large dog looks like a wolf and is very friendly and surprisingly light eater, smart and highly trainable. The Husky is playful with children and rarely lets out his trademark howl, but he makes a poor watchdog. He just loves people too much, he is known for his ice blue eyes. The Siberian husky can also have amber or brown eyes and can even have one brown and one blue eye. Meanwhile, his coat can be white, black, red, silver-gray, or brown and keeps him warm in temperatures down to minus 75 degrees Fahrenheit.



7- Boxer


The boxer is like a 3-year-old child, that's that he didn't get older than three, an ordinary fur baby. The Boxer was originally bred and intended for bullfighting, dogfighting and even pulling uncomfortably happy and cheerful carts. The breed is intelligent and learns quickly, resembling a cat of all dogs when grinning. He is happy, you really know if he fits into most dog loving families easily as he gets along and plays well with children. He can form a good relationship with cats due to a shared dislike of birds. The breed may have got its name from its boxing poachers. While many in his native Germany dispute that claim, John and his boxer encounter a 17-inch tongue that is the longest of all dogs.


6- Yorkshire Terrier


He is one of the cutest very small but brave and remarkably loyal. The Yorkshire Terrier is protective of his adoptive family and can effectively take over the house if he is allowed a good fellow known for his long silky hair. The Yorkie is a descendant of the Sky Terrier and Paisley and was literally bred as a mouse hunter in the North of England, where it is mostly used in garment factories and mines. He may have a big bark, but there isn't much of him to support it. He is small but is still a terrier at home, while the Yorkie is quite content as an indoor dog. The breed can make an excellent watchdog due to its suspicious behavior towards strangers. He likes to tease and mess with other dogs much bigger than him, so keep his leash handy.


5- Bulldog


Even very high beauty standards are like a beauty sleep. You should be sleeping for about a month, you are really a typical dog whether you are French, British or American. Bulldog currently has roots in 1500, but the breed as we know it really came into existence when the old English Bulldog was crossed with the Pug. This won't work darling, that look won't help him, now considered one of Britain's national animals. In the past, the Bulldog was breed and used for the sport of bullfighting rather than knocking down bulls. Today, Bulldog thrives on attention and is quite an affectionate breed.


4- Beagle


This breed can be found in a variety of colors ranging from lemon, black, white, red, and orange. The Beagle has been recorded in ancient Greece and is even present in the works of Shakespeare Daisy. Of course, the modern beagle can be traced back to the 1830s, when the Reverend Philip honey would be established. The beagle was prized for its hunting abilities in the first modern pack of the past and is valued today as a tracking dog for its amazing sense of smell.


3- Golden Retriever


Patient, devoted, charming and trainable, the golden retriever is a great choice for a family or childhood friend. He was born in the late 1800s in his quest for a retriever dog that performed well on land. In the water it is fun for him to swim; he is a well-suited dog for drug enforcement, rescue and search work, and serving the disabled community.


2- German Shepherd


He may be known as the German Shepherd Dog. Known as the Alsatian Wolfhound for much of the 20th century, it developed around 1899. The German Shepherd is very commonly used as a scout in military, rescue and search teams, police forces and is a very capable actor in canine terms.


1- Labrador Retriever


The lab is friendly and can be yellow, chocolate or black. This is all one breed of dog and can be found in a single litter known worldwide as a friend. The Labrador retriever is also eager to help in the world of hunting, security and police work. This affectionate dog is also used as a guide and assistance dog.

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